Travel through the Golden Chariot – The Pride of South Train

In ancient times, the Kings used to travel on a golden chariot to conquer other lands. Nowadays, even a modern traveler can travel on a Golden Chariot and discover the hidden heritage of the rich south Indian kingdoms. The only train brand chugging in the south India, The Golden Chariot train franchise is the best way to relive the fabled legends that were only known in the royal stories. This royal escapade is an attempt to recreate the glorious kingdoms of the South India and their plush setting for the modern global traveler.

The gilded royal purple train with a hint of gold embellishments is a dream voyage transporting passengers gently through the heritage hubs of South India. These tourist centers have now become great cultural entities of their own and have their own glorious legends woven around them. The towering legacy of Sravanabelagola or the ruined remains of Hampi; the temple city of Madurai or the backwater destinations of Kerala, all come under the prerogative of Golden Chariot Train Tour.

Presently, the Golden Chariot Train trails feature an exploration on two seasoned routes. First route, known as Pride of the South concentrates extensively on the gilded heritage of Karnataka and its many worlds with a priceless exploration of Goa. The second route of Southern Splendour chugs through the royalty of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The Pride of South Train trail is one such unforgettable journey across many landscapes and luxury. The traditional welcome amidst the melodies of classical music beacons the way to this incredible luxury train tour. The 11 glorious carriages inspired by the regional kingdoms stand bedecked and draped with royal purples in the plush setting of these magnificent empires. The cabins are named on the famed kingdoms of Kadamba, Hoysala, Rashtrakuta, Ganga, Chalukya, Bahamani, Adil Shahi, Sangama, Shatavahana, Yadukula and Vijayanagar. The first sight of the train and its luxury cabins make would be kings feel curious about what holds for them inside these plush heavens. And the first encounter with these personal suites evokes the feeling of being a king of your personal kingdom or suite.

The two royal restaurants, inspired by the sumptuous servings of royal chefs, Nalapaka and Ruchi pamper the taste buds of a global traveler in luxury. The relentless service of royal attendants brings to mind an overwhelming feeling of being pampered with personal luxury onboard. The regal setting of Madira Bar recreates the grandeur of Mysore Palace while serving the finest liquors of world class make.

The royal journey brings with it many surprising options to choose from. The passengers who treat golf as passion can choose the Golden Chariot – Pride of South Train Tour where they get numerous options to tee on the different greens of south India, namely in Bangalore, Kabini, Hassan and Goa. The nature enthusiasts can opt for a wholesome Bangalore city tour in the beginning of the Pride of South Train. The kings onboard get a natural serving with the splendid views of the countryside and even stroll around the organic herb gardens. Besides this, the passengers can also observe the rural vocations like pottery making and bullock cart ride during the priceless visit. This eco tour extension of Golden Chariot Train Tour is an enchanting experience to begin the South exploration.

Not only this, the Pride of South Train Tour opens up a treasure trove for history and heritage aficionados. The series of heritage exploration take the royal entourage through the glorious kingdoms of Mysore, Hassan, Belur, Halebeedu, Shravanabelagola, and Badami, world heritage Sites of Hampi, Pattadakal and Goa.

This luxury onboard the Golden Chariot’s Pride of South Train Tour is a great privilege of exploring the kingdoms with a hint of South Indian heritage. In fact, this journey is a golden opportunity to discover and accumulate the wealth of enchanting experiences; not only during sightseeing, but also in the every moment spent onboard. Travelers can experience such exclusive moments of luxury only during an Incredible India Tour. For such amazing luxury tours and much more, just visit Incredible India Tour and celebrate the tours with a hint of heritage and luxury together.

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